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Sail Smarter: Tips to Save Money on Drinks During Your Cruise Adventure with Land and Sea Journeys"

Updated: May 10


Welcome aboard to Land and Sea Journeys, where we specialize in crafting unforgettable cruise experiences! As seasoned experts in the travel industry, we understand the importance of budget-conscious planning without compromising on luxury and enjoyment. One area where travelers can optimize their spending is by managing their expenses on drinks during the cruise. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into various strategies and insider tips on how you can save money while savoring your favorite beverages onboard.

Save money on alcohol drinks on a cruise

  1. Choose the Right Drink Package while on your Land and Sea Journey. Selecting an appropriate drink package tailored to your preferences and consumption habits can significantly impact your overall spending. Cruise lines offer different tiers of beverage packages ranging from basic soda packages to premium alcohol packages. Analyze your drinking habits to determine which package provides the best value for your needs. For instance, if you enjoy a few cocktails or glasses of wine daily, opting for a package that includes alcoholic beverages might be cost-effective. Don't try to cut corners as the cruise line may ban you form future trips.

  2. Pre-Purchase Drink Packages Many cruise lines offer discounts or promotions when you pre-purchase drink packages before embarking on your journey. Take advantage of these offers to lock in lower prices and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your beverage expenses are covered.

  3. Explore Happy Hour and Daily Specials Onboard bars and lounges often host happy hours and daily specials, showcasing discounted drinks during specific hours or days. Familiarize yourself with the cruise ship's schedule to make the most of these promotions. Whether it's discounted cocktails, beer buckets, or wine tastings, these offerings can provide excellent value for budget-conscious travelers.

  4. Utilize Refillable Drink Packages Some cruise lines offer refillable souvenir cups or mugs that grant unlimited refills for sodas, juices, or non-alcoholic beverages. Investing in these refillable options can be economical, especially for families or individuals who prefer non-alcoholic drinks throughout the voyage.

  5. Attend Onboard Events with Complimentary Drinks Keep an eye out for onboard events such as captain's receptions, art auctions, or culinary demonstrations that offer complimentary drinks to attendees. Participating in these activities not only provides entertainment but also allows you to enjoy free or discounted beverages.

  6. Opt for Drink of the Day Specials Cruise ships often feature a "Drink of the Day" promotion, highlighting a specific cocktail or beverage at a reduced price. Embrace the spirit of adventure by trying different daily specials while saving money on your favorite drinks.

  7. Maximize Beverage Inclusions Certain cruise packages or cabin categories include complimentary beverages such as coffee, tea, and select juices. Take advantage of these inclusions to minimize additional drink expenses during your voyage.

  8. Limit Alcohol Consumption Onshore While exploring port destinations, indulge in local cuisine and cultural experiences without overspending on alcoholic beverages. Enjoying local delicacies and non-alcoholic refreshments during onshore excursions can enhance your travel experience while managing costs.

  9. BYOB Policy Some cruise lines allow passengers to bring a limited amount of alcohol onboard during embarkation. Familiarize yourself with the cruise line's BYOB policy and guidelines regarding permissible quantities and packaging to enjoy your preferred beverages at a fraction of onboard prices.

  10. Monitor Your Consumption Maintaining awareness of your drink consumption helps prevent excessive spending. Pace yourself, savor each drink, and consider alternating alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic options to stay hydrated and mindful of your budget.

By incorporating these savvy strategies into your cruise journey with Land and Sea Journeys, you can revel in delightful beverages while optimizing your spending. Our commitment to enhancing your travel experience extends beyond exceptional service to empowering you with practical tips for a rewarding and budget-friendly voyage. Bon voyage and cheers to unforgettable memories on the high seas!

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